Next Garage

Next Garage

Qiao Next Garage
Qiao Next Garage is an accelerator for innovative companies based in Shanghai.

We assemble companies for the Chinese market .

We are accelerating companies on the Chinese market .

We incubate and activate the startup of the Chinese subsidiary and headquarters of International companies .

Through the combined use of Qiao Lab infrastructures and solutions (start-ups, platforms, services, etc.), we "inject" the best solutions into the companies selected to help them compete on the Chinese market.

A "pit stop" under the supervision of the Qiao LAB Business Tutors who will provide the foundations and supports for an ever stronger presence on the Chinese and international markets.

A garage of ideas and solutions for your business in China.

Operational steps

  • BUSINESS TUTOR contract (6/12 months),
  • BUSINESS PLAN setting: supported by the company tutor to define strategies and activities
  • Start of operational activities: assembly / integration with the platforms / solutions available in the garage
  • Day-by-day management on behalf and together with your company.

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