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NEXT is now!!

Does your digital agency tell you that it also works in China? We are Chinese!!

Being Chinese offers us many advantages that can also make a difference: the international approach, we play at home in the largest digital market in the world, we live the emerging future that advances in which we want to accompany you with passion and enthusiasm.

Thinking and acting digitally without frontiers, to be protagonists of the present and leaders of the future, this is our added value to your business.

QIAO NEXT DIGITAL is not only our digital division, it is our heart with which to transform and innovate together, to create unique and unrepeatable projects. On the other hand, we are Chinese and the future is our present!

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Our main focus areas

  • Digital Strategy
  • Digital Brand Engagement
  • Digital Marketing
  • Web / Digital Services
  • Mobile & Mobility Services
  • Social Channels & eCommerce
  • eAdvertising / SEO / SEM
  • New Cross-Media Formats & Productions
  • Second-Screen Projects
  • Next B2B Platforms & e-CRM
  • x-Commerce All-in-One infrastructures (e-Commerce, m-Commerce, v-Commerce)
  • Digital Innovative Business
  • Digital Localization / Internationalization
  • Online to Offline (O2O)

Why Qiao Next Digital

Changing and innovating with the digital lever also your business, your brand, your business future, without frontiers.

e-Commerce, Social, Mobile, Web and iTV are the different faces of Digital Cross-Border that allows your company to be with us in China and compete on international markets without you having to move , playing the cards of your skills and values.

Digital as a common language with which to move your strength, competence, your products and services, following a strategy projected to the future, outside the box, towards new scenarios.

Acting "out of the box" to create tangible value for your activities and company, to overcome together the challenges that the future holds for us, together.

Sectors: Corporate / Multinational, Food & Beverage, Luxury / Fashion / Design, Banks / Financial Services, High-Tech / Telecom, Tourism / Hospitality.

Smart Innovative Experiences

O2O (Online to Offline)
Social Media & Social Business
In-Shop & iRetail
In Proximity & Mobile
Distribution Platform & Trading Digitale
iShowrooms & iCatalogs
Immersive & Realtà aumentata

We are ready to support you in your next challenge

For any need, request or simple contact, QIAO NEXT DIGITAL is at your disposal to help you to create new value for your company in China and on international markets.