Next Advisor

The value of innovation to boost your company

Qiao Next Advisor is our Business Management Consulting Division to transform business ideas and innovative products into sustainable and competitive business projects.

Share the targets, define strategic choices and operational activities, select the most effective levers, choose the most concrete channels, activate connected relationships. All with one goal: to arrive together to defined and shared results.

International markets are our common paths with which to build a new success story: your company and your products!

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Our Mission

Applied result-oriented innovation

Innovate to produce tangible value in your business and activity

New ideas for your business

Enable your company to adopt new disruptive approaches and activate new businesses and channels

Create your success

Competence at your service oriented to results and your competitiveness

Our Philosophy

Create a team-work that innovates and create new durable corporate values.

The idea is often not enough. The application represents the unsurpassed obstacle to transforming it in case of success.

Creating a team capable of transforming ideas, intuitions and objectives into results, represents our first tangible contribution to your success.

Knowledge, infrastructures and integrated solutions represent the tools with which we intend to contribute to achieve shared results.


Our Skills

Strategic Sourcing & Procurement
New Channels & Distribution
Business Development
Mergers & Acquisitions
Corporate & Finance Services

We are ready to support you in your next challenge

For any need, request or simple contact, QIAO NEXT ADVISOR is at your disposal to help you to create new value for your company in China and on international markets.