Next Commerce

Our Next Commerce methodology

Next Commerce Methodology
Being a Chinese company offers us several advantages that we want to share with you.

A strategic approach and a 360 ° operation that allows us to manage every aspect of your offline and online business, inshop and e-commerce, B2B and B2C.

An international and business oriented vision to create value for your products on different markets, all with a single partner.

Together we can define the future of your NEXT COMMERCE on the Chinese and International market.

Why choose us

  • We are Chinese company
  • Un solo contatto per il tuo commercio
  • Sourcing / Supply Chain
  • B2B, e-Commerce, Retail integrated together
  • Proprietary distribution platforms
  • Direct warehouses management
  • Traceability / Product qualification
  • Integrated inShop initiatives (O2O)
  • Combined marketing activities

  • Shanghai Yidu Qiao

    Hub in FTZ, e-Commmerce, inShop, O2O

    Shanghai Yiduqiao Digital Commerce Co., Ltd. (Qiao Lab Group) is a Chinese company based in the Shanghai New Pilot Free Trade Zone (FTZ) specialized in Cross-border distribution, e-Commerce, O2O and Retail & Wholesales projects.

    With our Hubs in EU (Italy) we are committed to create Glocal Commerce activities through a conceptual change of Digital Commerce (BE-Commerce).

    Combining real and digital spaces, real and digital commercial activities, local and cross-border trading, we create a new Commerce without barriers. (BE-Commerce).

    • Actions: Cross-Border, e-Commerce, B2B, B2C, Wholesale, Retail, Sourcing, Import, Export, O2O
    • Markets: China, Asia, Asia-Pacific, Europe, Italy
    Website Yiduqiao
    Yiduqiao - The BE-Commerce Company
  • Qiao Tag - Smart Labels

    AI + Blockchain authentication and traceability

    QIAO TAG is the first interactive AI + Blockchain authentication platform that allows the consumer to buy informed and to be in direct contact with the manufacturers and distributors.

    Certification of its authenticity, geolocalized information about the product and the manufacturer, advice for the best use, traceability, expiry dates, after-sales support, feedback from consumers and in the professional version the data relating to the methods of transport and storage are only some of the information that QIAO TAGs transmit to the customer of your products.

    The QIAO TAGs can also be used as promotional tools to activate marketing campaigns, special offers, Coupons, discounts directly to the stores and online with customers.

    Protection of your brand and products, combining promotion in an effective and authoritative way, it's the mission and the added value of QIAO TAG.

    • Actions: Certification, Traceability, Marketing, B2B, B2C
    • Markets: China, Asia, Asia-Pacific, Europe, Italy
    Website Qiao Tag
    Qiao Tag

    Your International BE-WALLET

    Qiao Pay is division of Chinese company Qiao Lab Next Business (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., specializing in Business Innovation, interactive digital technology and enterprise internationalization.

    Qiao Pay manages digital payment systems, virtual currency, cross-border and group loyalty programs on digital platforms, off-line and inShops.

    Qiao Pay aims to innovate the traditional commercial credit services, cross-border payment and trading, in order to give to consumers something cheaper and efficient, to facilitate the exchange of goods and services among operators and people of different countries (H2H).

    • Actions: B2B, B2C, Retail
    • Markets: China, Hong Kong, Asia, Asia-Pacific, Europe, USA
    Website QIAO PAY


    WETUBES is the first instant channel of emotions with the experiences included @YIDUCITY, the Smart Digital City for Better Lifestyle.

    An exclusive Video e-Commerce channel in which emotional video contents and products / services sales are synchronized each other (Synchro-Sales), thanks our unique Digital Smart Showcase.

    Immediate shopping conversion directly from video. Video show with experiences and products. Customers can add-to-cart without leaving the video streaming

    • Actions: VIDEO E-COMMERCE, Retail, B2B
    • Markets:China, Asia, Europe, Italy
    Website WETUBES
  • Taste of Italy

    Distribution Made in Italy Agri-food

    Taste of Italy is an innovative multi-channel logistics and distribution platform for Food & Beverage Made in Italy for the international Ho.Re.Ca and GDO markets.

    An integrated procurement and distribution system to support the Italian agri-food company to manage all procedures and operations directly on site: from negotiation to transaction, from logistics to distribution, from promotion to construction and consolidation of corporate brands on various international markets.

    Taste of Italy is an operational sales and distribution tool, focused in the selection of the best producers and brands in cooperation with the best channels and buyers of our partners, as well as infrastructure specialized in the management of individual negotiations / transactions, integrated logistics and promotion.

  • iSTORE

    Next O2O Shop

    iSTORE is the solution to boost your e-Commerce, combining virtual (e-Commerce, Mobile, Social ..) and real (Supermarkets, Shops, Corners ...) distribution channels, minimizing costs and necessary investments.

    The multichannel and cross-media "Try & Buy" at the service of your products in China and International Markets!

    • Actions: Retail, e-Commerce, O2O
    • Markets: China, Hong Kong, Asia
    Website iSTORE