We Lab Program

We Lab Program
We Lab Method
We Lab Method
WE.LAB (Western - Eastern LAB) is an Innovation Accelerator Program based in Shanghai to support sino-international entrepreneurs venture projects.

Mission: Creation of Sino – Western joint ventures of young entrepeneurs, graduates, Ph.D / MBAs and / or spin-offs.

Our Method: Edupreneurship program (training and entrepreneurship) developed in Shanghai which included 3 phases.

Selecting Talents: We aim to work with best talented people and support them to start and grow their business idea in China and abroad.

Our Target: projects that are able to create proprietary technologies and / or own patents, with international potential, well-matched founders and management.

A Win-Win by Results: Cooperation in the development of projects, technologies and use / exploitation of results:

  • Co-Patents: Co-ownership patent (50%). Access Chinese funds and infrastructures to develop new patents (ex. IC)
  • Co-Startup Ownership: Equity: Majority young entrepreneurs, Foreign Investors limitation: Max 25%
  • Co-Finance / Fiscal Lever: Sharing access funds and / or tax relief in accordance with the applicable standards for the startups (China, Western)

Priority sectors

  • Internet of Things (IOT),
  • X-Commerce (B2B, B2C, Mobile, Video)
  • Mobile Apps
  • Social Business
  • Machine to Machine (M2M)
  • Clean & Green Tech
  • Digital Interactive Software and Services
  • Medical Digital Devices

For Information

Expected impacts

The program intend to promote the following social effects between China and Western countries.
  • Knowledge Transfer & Patents Experiences
  • Employment: Creating new jobs in countries involved. Generated new activities and opportunities
  • Personal opportunities: Mixed teams.International Experience and Training
  • Day-by-day management on behalf of your company