QIAO NEXT INTERACTIVE DIGITAL BUSINESS is our Digital Division to help you to increase your ROI and maximize your brand awareness on China market and abroad.

Next is arriving: Now!

Our Main Focus Areas are:

  • Digital Strategy

  • Digital Brand Engagement

  • Digital Marketing

  • Web / Digital Services

  • Mobile & Mobility Services

  • Social Channels & eCommerce

  • eAdvertising / SEO / SEM

  • New Cross-Media Formats & Productions

  • Second-Screen Projects

  • Next B2B Platforms & e-CRM

  • x-Commerce All-in-One infrastructures (e-Commerce, m-Commerce, v-Commerce)

  • Digital Innovative Business

  • Digital Localization / Internationalization

How we works:

Around a global strategy, we combine traditional and innovating marketing, locals and international channels and media, digital and interactive actions.

A teamwork in our local offices to create results on the target markets.

Our Mission: Create Value!

Next B2B - B2C Digital Platforms:

Combining creativity and innovation with results, we create and manage for our clients B2B & B2C platforms and infrastructures as concrete support for their commercial, distribution and trading activities (catalog, payments, logistics, customer care) directly in China.

  • to create new business channels and trading

  • to reduce costs to manage B2B, B2C and  e-Commerce activities

  • optimize business matching and product selection

  • combine real and virtual Showrooms and Catalogs

  • e-Procurement and distribution infrastructures

  • Cloud B2B/B2C Platforms

Our Industry Focus:

  • Corporate / Multinational

  • Food&Beverage

  • Luxury / Fashion / Design

  • Banks / Financial Services

  • High-Tech / Telecommunications

  • Tourism / Hospitality


Our Markets:

  • China

  • Europe

Last but not least ..... since 1996 a solid experience to share

For Information or Contacts: [email protected]


Your Cross - Media Network in China

First Cross-Media Network for China Market.

Over 500 Million of potential targets are on your fingertips!!

My China Media Network is your answer.
Your Customized Media Service to find the right Channel in China.

My China Media Network delivers the right solutions, tailored for your needs:

- TV LCD Network: over 150.000 (VIP Restaurants, Shopping Mall, Supermarkets, Business building, Golf Club....)

- Internet & Mobile

- Business Magazine (targets Business Decision Makers)

- Advertising: Restaurants, Store, Airports, Supermarkets, Outdoor ...

My China Media Network service is delivery by:

- China: "China Media LAB" in Shanghai at Italian Center.

- Italy: Consorzio DITE (Milan).

Activate My China Media Network Service it is easy:

1) Fill out the My China Media Network Form.

2) Your My China Business Personal Assistant will contact you for next steps and quote your required service.

Monday, 20 May 2019
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QIAO LAB is a Consulting & Business Innovation Incubator / Accelerator, Knowledge & Technology Transfer Company, Seed & Early Stage VC. QIAO LAB Next Business (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. is a full-service business management consulting firm & incubator / Accelerator to turn innovative business and product ideas into sustainable businesses. "Innovating future in China and abroad", through consulting support, concrete projects, best practices, inventions, technologies and sharing different knowledge. Consulting |...


Qiao Strategic Consulting

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QIAO LAB Consulting is a our Business Management Consulting Division to turn innovative business and product ideas into sustainable businesses. Our Corporate Open Innovation Program QIAO OPEN LAB PROGRAM for Corporate Innovation focuses on enterprise innovation, paying particular attention to implementation issues and development of new business models to capture the value of innovative products and services. Sharing of ideas and collaboration to push the boundaries of innovation inside the...


Qiao Next Brands

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QIAO NEXT BRANDS is our Division focused on customer engagement on China market and abroad. Only for NEXT BRANDS!! A NEXT BRAND is a brand projected towards the future, integrated with present and with strong values ​​from the past. "feels" its consumers, listens their needs, interacts. QIAO NEXT BRANDS is the only agency that accompanies your Brand from creativity to product distribution and selling. This is Next Brands! Fresh,...


Qiao Next Digital

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QIAO NEXT INTERACTIVE DIGITAL BUSINESS is our Digital Division to help you to increase your ROI and maximize your brand awareness on China market and abroad. Next is arriving: Now! Our Main Focus Areas are: Digital Strategy Digital Brand Engagement Digital Marketing Web / Digital Services Mobile & Mobility Services Social Channels & eCommerce eAdvertising / SEO / SEM New Cross-Media Formats & Productions Second-Screen Projects Next B2B Platforms...


Qiao Next Seed

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QIAO NEXT SEED CAPITAL is an investment vehicle focused on Chinese Internet Industry.We typically co-invest in Chinese early stage opportunities with Government Incubators and/or High-Tech Chinese Funds. Open to new investors and partners In order to continue our investment activities, we are continuously raising new funds (new Fundraising 2016) and searching strategic partners as support to our investments portfolio companies.Our Model Leveraging over two decades of experience gained in...


Qiao Lab Incubator

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QIAO LAB High-Tech Incubator provides a customized turn-key support (knowledge and experience), as well as equity investment capital. Our Main Sectors: - Agrifood- Big Data (ICT) - Bio technologies - Clean Technologies - Design and Innovative Fashion - Education and Training - Fintech- Green ICT - Healthcare- IC Design - Information Communication Technology (ICT) - ICT & Social Innovation - Internet & Web Technologies - Internet of Things (IOT) -...


Qiao Lab Garage

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Our Mission? - "Assemble" companies for Chinese market. - "Accelerate" companies on  Chinese market. - Incubating Chinese subsidiaries of high tech startups. Through combined use of infrastructures and solutions by Qiao Lab INCUBATOR (start-ups, platforms, services, etc. ..), install the best solutions into the selected companies to enable them to compete on China market. A "pit stop" under the supervision of the Qiao LAB Business Tutors which will provide the...


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Jun 03

Internet: China hits back at Google

Posted by QIAO LAB in Security , Internet , Hackers , Google , Gmail , Email , China


China yesterday denied it supports hacking activities and said it is part of global efforts to combat computer security threats, a day after Google disclosed some of its e-mail users suffered attacks originating from within the country.

Google disclosed on Wednesday that personal Gmail accounts of several hundred people, including senior United States government officials, military personnel and political activists, had been breached, The Associated Press reported.

Mar 16

Chinese Qihoo 360 plans for US IPO

Posted by Qiao LAB in software , Security , Qihoo 360 , IPO , Internet , China

Qiao LAB

Qihoo 360 SofwareChinese Internet security software provider hopes to raise $200 million

In another example of a Chinese IT company taking a stab at an overseas listing, the Chinese security software provider Qihoo 360 Technology Co plans to raise up to $200 million through an initial public offering (IPO) in the United States.

The company aims to seek the public listing in the first quarter of this year, with UBS AG and Citigroup Inc as its leading underwriters, it said in a regulatory filing to the Securities and Exchange Commission on Monday.

The proceeds from the IPO will be used for research and development and acquisition of technologies, products or businesses, it said. Qihoo 360 said it is the third-largest Internet company by user base, which reached 339 million in January, citing the domestic research company iResearch.

Nov 22

Domestic China to investigate law violation in Tencent QQ -Qihoo 360 spat

Posted by Qiao LAB in Tencent , Security , QQ , Qihao 360 spat , Internet , China , Chat

Qiao LAB

Two Chinese Internet giants -- Tencent and Qihoo 360, apologized to Internet users after being ordered to stop their spat and officials vowed to investigate the dispute to determine whether actions by either company had broken the law.

Both of the companies posted an apology letter on the company websites Sunday night.

Qihoo 360 said the companies' software had resumed operation and the two sides would stop mutual accusations.

This was after China's Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT) Sunday ordered the two companies to publicly apologize within five working days.

The business war between the two Internet giants had triggered a public outcry.

Tencent, China's largest Internet company, said on Nov 3 that it would shut down the QQ instant-messaging service on computers installed with security software made by Qihoo 360 following a dispute between the companies.

Nov 05

China Netizens give QQ thumbs down

Posted by Qiao LAB in Security , QQ , Qihoo 360 , Privacy , Internet , China , Chat , Anti Virus

Qiao LAB

More than half of Chinese netizens are willing to turn their backs on China's dominant instant messenger, QQ, after its owner Tencent Holdings Ltd pushed people to choose either QQ or a popular anti-virus program by Qihoo 360.

When asked "which program will you desert between QQ and 360 if you have to", more than 57 percent of 1.5 million participants voted to get rid of QQ, while 23 percent chose to sweep out 360, according to a poll on by 8:30 pm on Thursday. Another 19 percent were undecided.

Tencent said QQ has more than 600 million active accounts, while 360 said the number of its users has surpassed 300 million.

"We have just made a very difficult decision ... we have decided to stop running QQ on computers installed with 360's software," Tencent said in an open letter on Wednesday night.

Tencent said it felt sorry for the inconvenience to QQ users, but it would not change the decision unless 360 stops its "malicious slander".

Nov 04

China Internet giants at war: QQ vs Qihoo 360

Posted by Qiao LAB in Security , QQ , Qihoo's 360 , Internet , China , Chat

Qiao LAB

HUNDREDS of millions of China's web users must decide whether they want to keep using the country's most popular chatting tool, or its top Internet security tool - because they can't have both.

In the latest twist of a bitter battle between two of China's biggest names, Tencent Inc (QQ), which has more than 1 billion instant message user accounts, announced last night that it is withdrawing QQ services from 300 million users of Qihoo's 360 Internet security services.

In a statement, Shenzhen-based Tencent claimed that Qihoo's software had "damaged the security setup of QQ and, therefore, threatened the account safety of QQ users."

Responding, Beijing-based Qihoo advised users to stop opening QQ for three days and switch to other instant message tools, such as Microsoft's MSN and China Mobile's Fetion.

In the longer term, Qihoo suggested QQ users transfer to Web QQ, a simplified QQ service without security and other functionality.

Qihoo has claimed that Tencent was scanning users' documents through QQ, and last week launched a tool to block QQ plug-ins.