QIAO NEXT INTERACTIVE DIGITAL BUSINESS is our Digital Division to help you to increase your ROI and maximize your brand awareness on China market and abroad.

Next is arriving: Now!

Our Main Focus Areas are:

  • Digital Strategy

  • Digital Brand Engagement

  • Digital Marketing

  • Web / Digital Services

  • Mobile & Mobility Services

  • Social Channels & eCommerce

  • eAdvertising / SEO / SEM

  • New Cross-Media Formats & Productions

  • Second-Screen Projects

  • Next B2B Platforms & e-CRM

  • x-Commerce All-in-One infrastructures (e-Commerce, m-Commerce, v-Commerce)

  • Digital Innovative Business

  • Digital Localization / Internationalization

How we works:

Around a global strategy, we combine traditional and innovating marketing, locals and international channels and media, digital and interactive actions.

A teamwork in our local offices to create results on the target markets.

Our Mission: Create Value!

Next B2B - B2C Digital Platforms:

Combining creativity and innovation with results, we create and manage for our clients B2B & B2C platforms and infrastructures as concrete support for their commercial, distribution and trading activities (catalog, payments, logistics, customer care) directly in China.

  • to create new business channels and trading

  • to reduce costs to manage B2B, B2C and  e-Commerce activities

  • optimize business matching and product selection

  • combine real and virtual Showrooms and Catalogs

  • e-Procurement and distribution infrastructures

  • Cloud B2B/B2C Platforms

Our Industry Focus:

  • Corporate / Multinational

  • Food&Beverage

  • Luxury / Fashion / Design

  • Banks / Financial Services

  • High-Tech / Telecommunications

  • Tourism / Hospitality


Our Markets:

  • China

  • Europe

Last but not least ..... since 1996 a solid experience to share

For Information or Contacts: [email protected]


Your Cross - Media Network in China

First Cross-Media Network for China Market.

Over 500 Million of potential targets are on your fingertips!!

My China Media Network is your answer.
Your Customized Media Service to find the right Channel in China.

My China Media Network delivers the right solutions, tailored for your needs:

- TV LCD Network: over 150.000 (VIP Restaurants, Shopping Mall, Supermarkets, Business building, Golf Club....)

- Internet & Mobile

- Business Magazine (targets Business Decision Makers)

- Advertising: Restaurants, Store, Airports, Supermarkets, Outdoor ...

My China Media Network service is delivery by:

- China: "China Media LAB" in Shanghai at Italian Center.

- Italy: Consorzio DITE (Milan).

Activate My China Media Network Service it is easy:

1) Fill out the My China Media Network Form.

2) Your My China Business Personal Assistant will contact you for next steps and quote your required service.

Thursday, 20 June 2019
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QIAO LAB is a Consulting & Business Innovation Incubator / Accelerator, Knowledge & Technology Transfer Company, Seed & Early Stage VC. QIAO LAB Next Business (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. is a full-service business management consulting firm & incubator / Accelerator to turn innovative business and product ideas into sustainable businesses. "Innovating future in China and abroad", through consulting support, concrete projects, best practices, inventions, technologies and sharing different knowledge. Consulting |...


Qiao Strategic Consulting

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QIAO LAB Consulting is a our Business Management Consulting Division to turn innovative business and product ideas into sustainable businesses. Our Corporate Open Innovation Program QIAO OPEN LAB PROGRAM for Corporate Innovation focuses on enterprise innovation, paying particular attention to implementation issues and development of new business models to capture the value of innovative products and services. Sharing of ideas and collaboration to push the boundaries of innovation inside the...


Qiao Next Brands

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QIAO NEXT BRANDS is our Division focused on customer engagement on China market and abroad. Only for NEXT BRANDS!! A NEXT BRAND is a brand projected towards the future, integrated with present and with strong values ​​from the past. "feels" its consumers, listens their needs, interacts. QIAO NEXT BRANDS is the only agency that accompanies your Brand from creativity to product distribution and selling. This is Next Brands! Fresh,...


Qiao Next Digital

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QIAO NEXT INTERACTIVE DIGITAL BUSINESS is our Digital Division to help you to increase your ROI and maximize your brand awareness on China market and abroad. Next is arriving: Now! Our Main Focus Areas are: Digital Strategy Digital Brand Engagement Digital Marketing Web / Digital Services Mobile & Mobility Services Social Channels & eCommerce eAdvertising / SEO / SEM New Cross-Media Formats & Productions Second-Screen Projects Next B2B Platforms...


Qiao Next Seed

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QIAO NEXT SEED CAPITAL is an investment vehicle focused on Chinese Internet Industry.We typically co-invest in Chinese early stage opportunities with Government Incubators and/or High-Tech Chinese Funds. Open to new investors and partners In order to continue our investment activities, we are continuously raising new funds (new Fundraising 2016) and searching strategic partners as support to our investments portfolio companies.Our Model Leveraging over two decades of experience gained in...


Qiao Lab Incubator

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QIAO LAB High-Tech Incubator provides a customized turn-key support (knowledge and experience), as well as equity investment capital. Our Main Sectors: - Agrifood- Big Data (ICT) - Bio technologies - Clean Technologies - Design and Innovative Fashion - Education and Training - Fintech- Green ICT - Healthcare- IC Design - Information Communication Technology (ICT) - ICT & Social Innovation - Internet & Web Technologies - Internet of Things (IOT) -...


Qiao Lab Garage

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Our Mission? - "Assemble" companies for Chinese market. - "Accelerate" companies on  Chinese market. - Incubating Chinese subsidiaries of high tech startups. Through combined use of infrastructures and solutions by Qiao Lab INCUBATOR (start-ups, platforms, services, etc. ..), install the best solutions into the selected companies to enable them to compete on China market. A "pit stop" under the supervision of the Qiao LAB Business Tutors which will provide the...


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Jan 05

Shanghai offers car incentives for new-energy vehicles

Posted by Qiao LAB in Shanghai , Green , electric , Car

Qiao LAB

Government measures aim to rev up sales of new-energy vehicles

A policy aiming to encourage more local residents to buy energy-saving electric cars - by offering free license plates and rebates - has been unveiled by the Shanghai authorities.

Jun 09

Green: Electric car charging sites start to spring up

Posted by Qiao LAB in Shanghai , Green , expressways , Energy , Electric Car , China , Charging

Qiao LAB

THE government has started building charging stations along major expressways in Shanghai and neighboring provinces to encourage the use of pollution-free electric vehicles.

The lack of a more complete battery-charging network for the public is a big barrier hampering development of electric cars and buses, according to the transport authorities.

Apr 22

Green: Progress, problems in city's green building

Posted by Qiao LAB in Green , Energy , Earth Day , Construction , China

Qiao LAB

SHANGHAI needs more energy-efficient buildings and a new data platform will help building operators reduce usage. Meanwhile, there's a lot of money to be made in retrofitting energy-guzzling buildings. Fu Chenghao and Zha Minjie report for Earth Day.

While "green" buildings are designed to use minimal energy, actual consumption frequently doubles expectations and in some cases may be five times greater.

Mar 16

Energy-efficient lights lack standard on harmful radiation

Posted by Qiao LAB in Radiation , Lights , Green , Energy-efficent , China

Qiao LAB

LOCAL quality authorities said China lacks a standard on electromagnetic radiation released by energy-saving lights, which came after a warning from experts that the radiation could damage people's health.

Experts with the country's environmental-protection watchdogs said the radiation is harmful especially to people having sensitive constitutions.

Mar 14

Green: China to open green building materials lab

Posted by Qiao LAB in Materials , Lab , Green , China , Building

Qiao LAB

The State Key Lab of Green Building Materials is to be opened in Beijing on Feb 28. The lab will be used for basic theory study of the application of green building materials.

Yao Yan, chief scientist of the lab and director of the board and the general manager of China National Building Material Group, announced Monday the lab will also be used for research into the key stages of green building materials' life cycle.

Jan 17

Green Economy: Operator out to remedy electric bus negatives

Posted by Qiao LAB in Shanghai , Green , Energy , Bus , battery

Qiao LAB

ELECTRIC buses in the city are failing to spark a green revolution in public transport, say critics, but officials said yesterday they aim to change this.

Ambitions of extending the network are being hampered by high vehicle and maintenance costs and the congestion buses cause while recharging.

Aug 17

Green: Solar-powered vessel promoting clean energy arrives in HK

Posted by Qiao LAB in Vassel , Solar , Green , Energy , Boat

Qiao LAB

The Swiss-registered, German built, solar-powered vessel, 'MS Turanor Planetsolar' enters Victoria Harbour, Hong Kong, China, Aug 15, 2011.

The solar-powered catamaran is on a record-breaking circumnavigation of the world, powered exclusively by solar energy.

Aug 16

Information Tech: IT lags business growth at SOEs

Posted by China Media LAB in State-Owned Enterprises , SOE , IT , Green , energy efficiency , Cloud Computing , 3g

China Media LAB

Expert: 'Major revolution is imminent' in data handling and computing systems

State-owned enterprises (SOEs) will need to make sweeping improvements in their information technology (IT) over the next five years to meet rising global business demands, said a high-tech expert with the central government administration that governs SOEs.

Jul 21

Green Energy: China may tighten approval of wind projects

Posted by Qiao LAB in Wind , Green , Energy

Qiao LAB

Green Energy Wind China

China's National Energy Administration may reinstate its control over onshore wind-power projects with less than 50,000 kilowatts of capacity, the China Securities Journal said, citing an unidentified person.

Currently, wind power farms of less than 50,000 kilowatts are approved by provincial governments and only larger facilities need approval from the central-government agency, the Beijing-based newspaper said Wednesday.

Jun 17

Green Economy: China to build high-tech eco-district in ancient capital

Posted by Qiao LAB in Xi'an , High Tech , Green , District , China

Qiao LAB

China released a general plan to build Xi'an and Xiangyang, the area used to be where the capital of 13 ancient Chinese dynasties stood, into a high-tech eco-district, in northwestern China's Shaanxi Province, local authorities said Monday.

The new area named Xi'an-Xiangyang New District will be mainly focused on developing the state's strategic emerging industry, environmental-friendly and low carbon industry, high-end manufacturing industry and modern service industry in the future, said Zhao Zhengyong, governor of Shaanxi Province at a press conference.

The New District, covering an area of 882 square kilometers with a population of 893,000, is planned to be built across Xi'an and Xiangyang, two neighboring cities in Shaanxi. It will be 10 kilometers away from downtown Xi'an and three kilometers from downtown Xianyang.

Jun 01

Green: China, Japan co-op in e-waste recycling plant

Posted by Qiao LAB in VCRs , televisions , stereos , Japan , Green , fax machines , environmental , e-waste recycling plant , copiers , Computers , China

Qiao LAB

An electronic waste recycling company, jointly funded by Japan's Panasonic, Sumitomo, DOWA Group and China's Hangzhou Dadi Environmental Protection Co Ltd, will be built in East China's Zhejiang province, local authorities said Monday.

Located in Tonglu county under the jurisdiction of Hangzhou city, and built at a cost of 121.7 million yuan ($18.8 million), the Panasonic Dadi Dowa Summit Recycling Co Ltd will focus on the collection and recycling of discarded home appliances, including television sets, refrigerators, washing machines, air conditioners and computers.

May 25

Green: Solar-powered bus stops debut in Jiangsu

Posted by Qiao LAB in Green , Energy , China

Qiao LAB


A total of 14 solar-powered bus stops have been introduced in Liangyunguang, Jiangsu province, on May 23.

Apr 29

Energy: China set to increase use of biofuels

Posted by Qiao LAB in Green , grain-based ethanol , Enzymes , corn stove , China , biomass , Biofuels , Bioenergy

Qiao LAB

The nation has plans to reduce CO2 emissions by up to 45 percent by 2020

China can become a leader in the production of second-generation (2G) biofuels, made from agricultural waste instead of foodstuffs, such as sugar, starch and vegetable oils said a senior executive from one of the industries' leading companies.

Apr 13

China Survey: Green financial products still in infancy

Posted by China Media LAB in Survey , Services , Innovation , Image , Green , Financial , Communication , China , Brand

China Media LAB

Importance Green Image China Survey

The idea of "going green" is becoming a prominent strategy in the world of business. But green financial products are still rare, especially in China.

Green mortgages, for owners of energy efficient homes at lower interest rates, are considered green financial products and are already in place, Jennifer D. Berlin of LL Global said at the 19th Annual Strategic Issues conference held April 7-8 in Beijing.

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